Change Your Life By Loving

Learn how to tap into your intuition and create a kind inner dialogue so you can go out into the world and live a beautiful, loving life. As an Intuitive Life Coach, I tap into your energy, emotions and blocks guiding you to knowing yourself on a deeper level.   I am here to support you in gaining the tools and perspectives you need to be joyful, loving your life and peaceful. We're just here to learn how to love ourselves - because that's how everything changes.

About Me

Thank you for taking this opportunity to learn more about me. I've had a fantastic journey in this life that's included many challenges - losing loved ones, being unemployed, getting a divorce - that I've come to see as gifts. They've helped me cultivate peace, joy and happiness and I want to share that with you.

My training includes being:
- Belief Re-patterning Practioner

- an International Intuitive Life and Soul Coach
- an inspirational speaker
- a certified hypnotist
- a guest speaker and former co-host on Journey of the Soul radio

I believe we are all gifted beings having rich experiences on this planet. When we can see a way to look at these experiences as gifts, we are able to live a full and joyful life. And when each of us makes these changes in our individual lives, together we transform the world.





Sue Open house Oct 2016

Sue Open house Oct 2016

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Coaching and Hypnosis

In every coaching session, I listen to your story and discover where you’re willing to play to change your life. I will guide you in opening up to other perceptions of your life experiences to accept and let go of the past so you can move forward. I will teach you to connect to your inner guidance, and tap into the love that you are. As we work through the blocks that seem like they’re in your way, you’ll learn how to guide yourself through obstacles and opportunities, and you’ll see your life change in great ways. 

I kept asking "why don't affirmations work for me? how can I be more supportive of myself and get things done!”  Then I learned about the Belief Re-patterning technique, brain neuroplasticity, how habits and belief systems form and most importantly, how we talk to ourselves. I had to learn how to do this.  Belief Repatterning is a technique developed during the 1990s by Suze Casey to assist individuals to release limitations and move to the up side of thinking.  When you work with a practitioner, you move quickly through limiting emotions that have tied those old beliefs in place. The shifting of perception allows you to create positive beliefs that support your dreams and desires.

My intention is to help, support and guide those that are committed realizing their dreams of having a better life full of joy.  We are amazing beings that can create what we dream.  I offer sessions in person, over the phone and via Skype.

COaching Session

One 60-minute session for $222. Specialities include:

-Self Relationship Coaching
-Life Coaching

-Navigating Love/Relationships
-Weight Release (see Hypnosis)

Coaching Package

Four sessions $666 to be used in 90 days

Eight Sessions $1,111 to be used in 6 months

Your introductory session is applied to the package cost.

Coaching Recurring Package

After completing a 4 or 8 session package

A recurring monthly session $88


Intuitive Development Class

Class $555

Hypnosis Session

One 60-minute session for $222. Specialties include:


-Weight Release 



-Past Lie

Speaking Engagements

Topics include but are not limited to:
-Developing Your Intuition
-Navigating Online Dating
-Living Your Best Life (Feel Lighter and Brighter)
-Creating Great Relationship
-Past Life Regression

*Contact Sue with any booking requests or questions

Client Testimonials

I came to Sue through a dear friend who raved about her. And I was at the end of many dark roads - both my personal and business accounts were literally at zero. A perfect metaphor for my energetic accounts - and Sue homed in immediately on my underlying issues of self worth. She shared authentically from her life and wisdom, and gave me sunlight and love and guidance on homework to help me shift my energy. During our second call, she encouraged me to let go of how I thought income should come to me, and affirm that unexpected income comes into my life frequently and easily. After that call, I saw a rare and beautiful butterfly at the end of my street, got a free subway ride from a nice driver, my husband gave me an iTunes credit, my friend bought me lunch, I received many compliments from strangers, and a new client! In a couple of hours! I felt so blessed and noticed how powerful an energy shift from a gifted healer and coach can be. Like putting on a new pair of glasses, if all your cells could see. I'm so grateful and happy, and recommend Sue as highly as possible.


I call Sue, “The Coach’s Coach.” It only took one session with her to get me hooked on the beautiful healing space she creates. It is a sacred, loving, and non-judgmental space in which you can experience your heart open up and look at your life differently. My time and sessions with Sue feel wonderful because it doesn’t matter what life challenge I’m experiencing at that moment – by the end of the session, I always feel great, light, and happy! Sue has helped me tremendously in my spiritual growth and practice and has given me many practical examples of peace and love and how to apply them to every situation in my life. It doesn’t matter how upset, teary-eyed, limited or lost I feel – Sue always has a natural way of taking the charge out of the problem, making me laugh, and helping me step back to see a much bigger and better perspective. Oh, and her book recommendations are fantastic! I thank the universe for bringing Sue into my life – she is the teacher I have been waiting for. I only wish I had met her much earlier on in my path so I could soak up more of the wisdom she so lovingly offers.


Sue was gracious enough to reach out a hand and asked if I needed help. In the short amount of time that I have been speaking with Sue, I am able to remain peaceful in hectic situations. Before I would be so affected by others negative energy and walk away upset or mad, but not now. She has also, with a very kind heart, taught me to see the good in every situation, even the not so good.
With my business I am now able to sit back and deal with situations in a calm manner instead of getting stressed out and staying there like I use to be. She has a way of explaining and expressing different ways of looking at situations that come so clearly to her, it just amazes me.
I can not thank Sue enough for her guidance. It is truly a gift.


I was caught in the crossroads of changes in my life. Such crossroads are never pleasant on the outside. My marriage, job and home were all crumbling apart. I contacted Sue as a life coach. She gave me homework assignments like reading the book      Broken Open. I started a journal. I began most days with the intention of peace. I wrote down messages that came to me. I calmed down. I started to do what needed to be done to put my life back where it needs to be for now. So today I am peaceful, really peaceful most of the time. My co-workers comment on how calm I am . I work in the field of Mental Health and I actually feel Mentally Healthy. I am calm at home. If those around me are in conflict I know I don't have to be. In fact there is a chance if I stay peaceful, my energy will help to calm them down. There are a lot of people today who are becoming aware of their spirituality. Many are gifted. Few are grounded. Sue is gifted and grounded and live the Peace she offers as a gift to anyone who comes her way. For that I will always be grateful.


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